Honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability are all important traits in life. They are even more important when it comes to finance & investing, especially if others are looking to you for knowledge and ideas.

When I started using my algorithm, I knew it wouldn’t be perfect. And I wanted to make it very clear to anyone interested in following me that it is not and never will be perfect. That’s why, every Saturday, I’ve been calculating the wins & losses (I don’t take into account premium received, purely price above/below strike, which is a much more conservative calculation) for the 2000+ ranked options produced by my algorithm for that single week. I’ve then been posting these results every week to 

What bothered me about this process was that it only showed the results of the *previous* week. What if somebody wanted to see the results from 3 weeks ago? Or 6 months ago? It nagged at me that I couldn’t show those results all on a single page.

This past week, I had some time to dig into this problem. And ladies and gents, I figured it out! I figured out how to upload my entire algorithm win/loss record to the site. It’s all there under the performance tab (here’s the link), going all the way back to April 16, 2021. Simply select which week you want to look at from the drop-down menu, like this:

Then you can look through each week’s record for the 2000+ options that the algorithm ranked.

Is my algorithm perfect? No. Some weeks are very good, some weeks are not good. However, on the whole, there is a net benefit to using my algorithm and the weekly list (here’s the proof). And now, you can scrutinize each week’s wins & losses as much or as little as you want. I have nothing to hide–it’s all right there. 

Accountability: it’s worth a lot to me. 

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