Calls List is Live!

Do you like to sell covered calls? Or maybe you like to Buy-Write (buy shares, immediately sell out-of-the-money calls)? Or maybe you like to sell naked calls (I personally don’t do this)? 

However you like to sell calls, you can now consult the Calls List at! I’ve adapted the algorithm to work for calls, instead of just puts. So now you get a ranked list of the best calls to sell every week.

The algorithm is ranking calls based on the probability of extracting the most premium without having your shares called away. For example, you buy 100 shares of stock ABC at 101.56. The Calls List says the best strike to sell a covered call at is 105 for $50. You sell this call. At the end of the week, ABC is at 104.95. You keep your 100 shares, the premium, and your shares have appreciated in value! The (realized) ROI is the premium / stock_price (5/101.56, since you bought shares directly and then sold the call), which is about 5%. 

Let me know how the Calls List is working for you! 

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