What is a QUANT?

Hedge funds make billions of dollars by employing really smart PhDs (often called "Quants"). What if you could have your own personal Quant?

Leverage a Profitable Algorithm

There are lots of ways to make (and lose) money in the stock market. But most investors agree: selling options--if done right--can be very profitable. What if your Quant wrote an algorithm that optimized selling options?

EVOLVE Algorithm

Developed by our dedicated PhD, The EVOLVE Algorithm calculates the Expected Value for Options by Learning Volatility Events. In short, it optimizes selling options. EVOLVE factors in not only the premium every option will pay, but also the probability of winning the trade. Without probability, you're just guessing.

Make Money, Save Time!

Instead of having to sift through thousands of possible options each week, you can use the interactive Puts and Calls Lists to find the options that both YOU and EVOLVE like. You can even filter the Lists to your specific preferences (min ROI, how far out of the money, dividends, earnings, etc.). That's a big edge when it comes to profitability and time, because you're making more money in less time.

Why Join?

For a low monthly fee of $20, you get:

Weekly Interactive Ranked List

Customized Filters To Suit Your Needs

Access To Our Exclusive SLACK Discussion Group