Ever wish you had your own personal Quant?

Hedge funds make billions of dollars by employing really smart PhDs (often called "Quants"). What if you could have your own personal Quant?

Now You Can!
Meet Tim, aka the Options Algorithm Guy!.

Tim has a PhD in Astrophysics, and was a professional Astronomer for 10 years. He’s interviewed with the major Hedge funds, but wanted to help everyone, not just billionaires. Using his knowledge of math, probability, statistics, and computer science, he developed the EVOLVE Algorithm..

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What Members Are Saying


"What I appreciate about the service is that it allows me to identify opportunities I want to research further. It keeps me from wasting time and that’s a big deal for me. It also helps to provide support for or against other opportunities I find. Helps me to make smarter decisions. I also appreciate the performance record to prove success/failure of the recommendations. Transparency is always good."

-- Christian L., member since April 2022


"I think I owe you some commissions... I've been sitting on some amount of cash for years struggling to find a successful way/method to put it to use. And certainly at this point very thankful that you brought up this method."

-- Mike, friend (he later sent me 2 bottles of very nice bourbon as a formal thank you!)


"You may be the group MVP at least for me, Tim. Your weekly list makes me great money every time I review it and pick a name or two."

-- Darren, member of Slack stock group


"The wheel strategy and the inventive screener algorithm have changed the way I invest in the market. Making use of inherent market volatility to gain returns on good stocks has opened a whole new way of making even more money. The screener algorithm is uniquely good at helping pick out good stocks that are likely to generate the best weekly returns while keeping minimal risk."

-- Kushal, friend

Darren 2

"Dude - this list is money. Just about every one of those stocks was a great long pick (which obviously also makes it a good put play)."

-- Darren (different time)

"I love this tool!"

-- Steve L., member since March 2022

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Still Don’t Believe?

If you don't believe us, believe the guy in the videos below. He's not our friend, we don't know him, but he reviewed our service and tested out our Lists for 10 weeks! Watch the videos below to see what he thinks:

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